Hi there,

I am Adriana (Sacrenn) - an unlimited idea of freedom, soul healer and spritual teacher affectionatly known as 'angel girl.' My website is for anyone looking for guided meditations, spirtual healing and information on a wide variety of spiritual subjects. It is designed to help you along in your spiritual journey :)

I made a short video to tell you a little bit more about myself and what I do:

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Latest News...

I moved to London....lol since Shine i haven't been back to Scotland..so in other words.... London i'm home!!!!! Ok have i got some fun for you guys, i'm doing another Shine talk on the 24th of August with the Sunshine Group so anyone who wants to join is more than welcome to :) its one hell of an expansion lol. But as usual i couldn't resist pushing the boundaris even further so in September 22nd at a yet to be determined location i'm running the Ultimate Healing Event 'Die Another Day.' And we're going to Paint London Red. Anyone longing to be at the cutting edge of consciouness is ment to be there :) http://www.facebook.com/events/245965422172455/ :)

Just uploaded some new audio meditations - check them out on meditations page.