What is Soul Clearing?

Soul Clearing is about understanding and clearing the gateways through which humans align themselves to source.  It’s a powerful form of healing which teaches individuals how to clear the blocks, contracts and energy filters which surround and permeate their energy field though meditation. It works on a soul level, giving the individual the back power to clear the body, mind, spirit and aura across all levels of consciousness. The beauty and simplicity of this is that soul clearing teaches a  knowledge of the entirety of the healing process, allowing the individual to take charge of their own healing, clearing and transmuting of lower vibrational energies and then realigning that part oftheir consciousness that they are addressing to source.  In essence it provides individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to raise their vibrational frequency quickly and safely.


We are all striving for perfect balance in every aspect of our messy, meaningful lives. We are all balancing the male and the female within; the heart and mind; physical,emotional, mental and lower spiritual bodies; Karmic Energies. We strive towards the balance between innocence and wisdom aching to remain balanced and centred regardless of external circumstances whilst living in the physical plane. You may groan and feel that you will never achieve these things but you can and you will. It is you who will decide when. And when ever you decide will be the best time for you. Everything happens indivine right order.  This level of healing does require some discipline, but the results, and I speak from experience, are worth it. Soul clearing is a journey in personal relevance,individual destiny and the discovery and complete acceptance of yourself. It is a way of re-connecting to your own spirituality and divinity. A healer’s job is not to lend you their light, but instead to remove the blocks and filters which prevent you from experiencing and being your own light. This is what the Soul Clearing  is designed to do.


Taking responsibility for your own healing is important, and it is strongly advised that you use discernment in your Soul Clearing practice. As you practice clearing with Source you will be drawn in by the angels, masters of the light and source strands to heal and clear deeply. Measured practice will ensure positive results and avoid an overload of the toxins being released in the body giving you too much to process at one time and causing a healing crisis.


Soul clearing is all about freedom. It about clearing all that prevents you from expressing your true beautiful self without guilt or shame whilst at the sametime offering you the freedom to heal and therefore change those annoying parts of life which you are simply done reliving. Soul clearing allows it’s practitioners to form an autonomous connection with source. I am humble in offering my spiritual practice to the world...I hope my truth helps you find yours.


Love and light forever,

Sacrenn (Adri)

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